Bias Incident Report

Bias Incident Reporting

Alverno College continuously works to provide an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and intolerance. This response protocol for bias related incidents should be viewed as part of a larger effort to create an inclusive living, learning, and working environment. Prevention is preferable to response, yet we know that our work on behalf of prevention is ongoing and incomplete. Bias related incidents occur and deserve responsible attention, with clear means of communication. The goal is to promote more conversation and listening.

When bias related incidents occur, they may not necessarily rise to the level of a crime, a violation of state law, college policy, or the student code of conduct. A bias act may, however, contribute to creating a negative, hostile, or unwelcome environment. Creating dialogue opportunities and protocol for all levels of bias to be addressed can help reduce the impact of micro-aggressions, those seemingly smaller acts of bias that accumulate over time and can create a chilling or hostile effect for others. When acts of bias occur on Alverno College’s campus, we have responsibility as community members to come together in our shared values and mission to denounce such acts. This protocol is intended to address incidents that happen within the Alverno College community.

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