Early College Credit Program

Alverno College welcomes students to experience college academics while still enrolled in high school. The Early College Credit Program allows Wisconsin public and private high school students to take one or more courses at a college or university for high school and/or college credit.

ECCP Requirements

In order to become an ECCP student at Alverno you must: 

  • Be enrolled in a public or private high school (program is open to women and men that have four semesters of high school completed).
  • Work with your School Counselor to complete the WAICU Early College Credit Program Form 
  • Complete the ECCP Program at Alverno form and meet admissions standards and application deadlines established by Alverno (for more details see Admissions Procedures).
  • Submit all forms four week prior to the start of the semester admissions@alverno.edu.
  • Request your official high school transcript sent directly from the school to Admissions (student must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA).
  • Select courses from Alverno's Course Catalog for the appropriate semester. 

Questions on the process? Go to Wisconsin's DPI website for details or or contact admissions@alverno.edu.

Cost: If a course is approved by the school district and fulfills a graduation requirement, the student does not incur a cost.

Schedule and Transportation: Students are responsible for being available during the day for the program and arranging their own transportation.

Course options: A sampling of courses is provided below. If you do not see a specific course listed, explore additional options through Alverno's Course Catalog. If you choose a course from our Course Catalog, you must contact admissions@alverno.edu to determine eligibility and availability of the course. Please note that some courses may require a placement assessment to determine eligibility for the class. Based on prior coursework, students may be eligible for courses not listed.

  • SC-112 Science and Women (3 credits) 
    Science and Women establishes a foundation in the biological sciences with a strong emphasis on the role of women in all aspects of science from research to choosing science as a career.
  • SSC-101 Introduction to Social Science (4 credits) 
    The student is introduced to the perspectives, methods, and content of the social sciences. Learn to analyze social processes and structures, and examine various social groups from historical, sociological, anthropological, demographic, economic, and political perspectives. Also work at identifying own values and learn how they originate in and shape the environment in which you live.
  • HS-213 U.S. Women's Rights & Lives (2 credits) 
    This course covers the history of women in the United States from 1776 to the present. It holds as an assumption that while events in American history shaped the lives of women, they did so in ways that were noticeably different compared to men. 
  • PSY-110 Life Span Development (4 credits) 
    The student examines human development and learning for the entire life span with emphasis on major theories and current research. Expected to identify and analyze behavioral of human subjects representing the life stages. The student is expected to acquire problem-solving techniques and skills in theory evaluation and comparison, in identification and evaluation of contemporary and global aspects of development, and in communication.
  • HUM-150 Expressions/Interpretations of Human Experience (4 credits) 
    The student examines human development and learning for the entire life span with emphasis on major theories and current research.
  • FA-110 Introduction to the Arts (4 credits) 
    In this course, the student explores the various dimensions of artistic expression (e.g., dance, music, visual arts, literature, theater) and the interpretations of that expression. By comparing and contrasting forms of artistic expression and the creative process, focus on the question of how these various forms bring to expression different dimensions of the human experience.
  • SLC-103-403 Spanish (3 credits) 
    A variety of Spanish courses are available but are predetermined by taking the Spanish Placement Assessment
  • SC-119 Foundations of Chemistry (4 credits) - Requires a Lab 
    The student learns to apply major concepts and models of chemistry (physical changes and chemical reactions, classes of matter, moles, concentrations, the atom, types of chemical bonds, intermolecular forces) and related physics concepts (force, energy, conservation). 
  • TA-265 Fundamentals of Acting On-Stage and Off (2 credits) 
    In this course, the student develops a method for approaching acting problems. Working on selected scenes, experience and examine the process of preparing for a role, creating a character, and presenting the character in performance.
  • MGT-100 Introduction to Business and Management (3 credits) 
    In this foundation course, the student develops analytic, problem-solving, valuing, effective citizenship, and self-assessment abilities as the basis for individual and team contributions to organizational goals. Study successful local, national, and global organizations to develop understanding of how businesses function and to identify contemporary management practices that lead to successful organizational performance. 
  • Wellness Courses 
    Alverno College Wellness courses offer students 1-credit opportunities to explore topics related to personal wellness. The courses are designed to support students on their collegiate journey by providing catalysts for learning, reflection, and success. Topics vary each semester.
    • Wellness Course Offerings
      • WE-123 Meditation
      • WE-126 Personal Budgeting
      • WE-131 Learning & Study Strategies for Success
      • WE-156 Introduction to Reiki
      • WE-162 Crunchtime Fitness
      • WE-164 Wellness Yoga