Elementary Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

You’ve probably had at least one teacher whom you’ll never forget, the one who ignited your interest in a new topic, always encouraged you and pushed you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. If you’ve dreamed of taking your place at the front of the classroom and becoming that teacher for others, then Alverno is the place for you.

As an elementary education teacher, you’ll help students grow and flourish during their most formative years. It’s challenging, rewarding work that allows you to be creative while making a difference in countless young lives. Our program focuses on the art and science of teaching, as well as developing your leadership skills so that you can be a strong leader for colleagues as well as your students.

Alverno’s Elementary Education major gives you the opportunity to become licensed to teach early childhood/middle childhood (birth to age 11) or middle childhood/early adolescence (ages 6-13). You can also choose a five-year degree option that offers an accelerated pathway to becoming a licensed special education teacher, and Alverno is developing a minor for those who want to become licensed to teach English language learners.

Learn from the best
Decades ago, Alverno adopted its groundbreaking abilities-based curriculum, a revolutionary approach to learning and assessment that educators from around the world continue to study and emulate today. As more and more school districts adopt this educational model, you’ll have the advantage of experiencing it firsthand. You’ll learn from educators who are leaders in their field, who have years of real-world experience teaching in K-12 schools and who are on the forefront of the latest trends and changes in education.

On-the-ground training
Alverno’s program gives you extensive experience in elementary school classrooms, with field experiences starting as early as your second semester freshman year. Field experiences are usually 2-3 hours a week and combine observation and teaching experience, building so that you’re teaching more and more lessons as you progress through the program. You’ll clock more than 125 hours of classroom practice through your field experiences, which help ease you into the culmination of your major: full-time student teaching.

A reputation for quality
Alverno surveys area employers, and principals consistently tell us that brand-new Alverno grads often exceed expectations and perform at the level of more experienced teachers because of their poise and ability to meet the diverse needs of their students. That’s the Alverno difference.

Get involved
Looking for more experiences outside of the classroom? Join the Alverno chapter of Student WEA (Wisconsin Education Association) to practice your leadership skills and get involved in the field.

Internships for the Education major
Alverno is connected to more than 150 private and public schools throughout the metro Milwaukee area and beyond, and our students do field experiences and student-teach at a variety of urban and suburban schools. While all Elementary Education majors are required to student teach, top students will also have the opportunity to compete for a limited number of paid student teaching internships.

How you can use your degree
Your Elementary Education degree can provide a strong foundation for a variety of rewarding roles in the education field (some may require additional schooling). Job prospects are also strong for teachers in Wisconsin, where many districts have faced a teacher shortage. Teachers with math and/or science minors and dual-licensure for teaching English language learners or special education are especially in demand.


Have questions about studying Elementary Education at Alverno? We invite you to connect with faculty to learn more.

Pat Luebke, Dean, School of EducationPat Luebke
Dean, School of Education