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Communication is a dynamic field that explores a range of activity, including face-to-face conversations and mass approaches like social media and broadcasting.
At Alverno you can explore the field with new and emerging technologies, gaining real-world experience in today’s rapidly changing professions.
That’s important because when you meet with future employers, you’ll have actual work experience to reference, providing an advantage over other candidates.

Are teachers routinely praising your writing style? Do you love to pin it, post it, or tweet about it? Or do you rely on video to share what’s on your mind? If so, you should consider a Communication degree.

Communication at Alverno: Build a platform that’s personal and powerful
Already far-reaching, the communication field is still evolving. The career prospects for today’s communication graduates are exciting, and you’ll have strong preparation across a spectrum of possibilities. A Communication degree from Alverno – one that creates opportunities for you to learn effective strategies using emerging technologies – is valuable. You’ll gain the essential knowledge you need while working in a hands-on learning environment.

Specifically, the program’s Core 24 will explore fundamentals such as listening, persuasion and advocacy, and project management, across a range of media. Applied learning like this provides a powerful base, enabling you to identify and explore your unique interests. You’ll deepen your engagement via a required internship and semester-long learning projects. With your broad knowledge platform and real-world work experience, you can move into an array of professional roles upon graduation.

That’s just the start
Today’s communication professionals must not only write and speak well, they also need to think critically, solve problems creatively and have a strong global understanding. These are all skills students master as a result of Alverno’s world-renowned abilities-based curriculum.

Alverno’s Communication program is also designed to be flexible, allowing you to pursue your unique interests through self-directed projects and advanced-level electives. As you find your voice and gain expertise in the area of the field that is of greatest interest to you, your confidence will rise and you will excel.

Building strong faculty relationships
Even in your first year, you’ll learn from professors who have the highest degree in their field and are proven experts in the field. Alverno’s Communication program also offers an uncommon level of mentorship geared around unique student interests. You’ll work alongside professors who will personally guide you through coursework, identify events beneficial for you to attend, and introduce you to professional connections who are important for you to know.

Internships for Communication
Alverno has partnerships with more than 2,000 employers, so you’ll have a better chance at connecting with a site that meets your career goals. Your internship enhances everything learned in class, giving you in-depth experience in a real-world environment. Plus, you’ll make important career connections with local professionals. Alverno interns are in high demand and stand out from the crowd.

How you can use your degree
Alverno Communication graduates are prepared for success. You may begin your career immediately, working in social media, advertising, fundraising, or communications. Or, you may choose to pursue graduate school. Either way, you’ll be in the perfect position to lead the way.


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Tracy StockwellTracy Stockwell
Associate Professor, Communication


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