Professional Communication Electives

PCM 411 (also ED 411) Career Search (1 credit)
The student learns the process for finding and keeping jobs or for changing careers. Using skills in analysis, valuing, social interaction, and effective citizenship, she engages in life work planning. Specifically, she relates knowledge gained through self-assessment to desired careers. She writes a resume, conducts information interviews, and is videotaped interviewing. She learns to "read" organizations in terms of her own potential contributions to corporate missions and future endeavors.

PCM 421 (also CLD 421) Newswriting (3 credits)
Prereq. Integrated Communication Level 3 - As a staff member of a student production team, the student learns news-gathering techniques, journalistic styles, and editing. She learns various formats used in newswriting - leads, news stories, feature stories, interviews, and editorials. She also practices page layout and design, incorporating graphics, illustrations, and headlines to accompany text.

PCM 427 (also CLD 427) Technical Communication (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 300 - The student learns writing and editing skills applicable to technical information. Projects include procedure manuals, process papers, feasibility reports, business proposals, annual reports and product literature.

PCM 437 (also CLD 437) Fundraising and Grant Writing: Principles and Practices (3 credits)
Prereq. One Integrated Communication Level 4 - The student explores the history, principles, and theories of Philanthropy. Analyzing the values and goals of a nonprofit client, she develops practical skills and identifies resource strategies in such areas as donor relations, volunteer coordination, database management, special-events planning, and grant writing. Case studies and guest speakers help acquaint the student with the variety of approaches used in different organizations, and she completes a semester-long research and grant-writing project as an assessment. In the process, she will also examine her own personal and professional commitments and contributions.

PCM 441 (also CLD 441) Business and Professional Speaking (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 320 - The course includes extensive coverage of professional-speaking strategies, reviewing and building on those strategies. The student is encouraged to speak from her own studies, integrating professional communication or management content with her analytic, valuing, and communication skills.

PCM 445 (also CLD 445) Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 210 or PCM 230 - This course assists the student to develop her understanding of different value systems and communication patterns among various cultural groups. Probing her own experience, viewing films, reading, and interacting with guest speakers, she establishes a workable framework for guiding interaction within intercultural settings.

PCM 461 Black-and-White Photography: Photocommunications (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 300 -The student is introduced to fundamentals of black-and-white photography, including lighting, composition, developing film, printing photographs, retouching, and mounting photos for display. She works extensively in the darkroom and prepares a portfolio of her best work.

PCM 462 Digital Photography (3 credits)
Prereq. One Integrated Communication Level 3 - The student learns the aesthetic and technical aspects of producing art-quality photographs using Adobe Photoshop. She must own or have access to a digital camera; digital cameras are available for short-term checkout from the Media Hub. The course culminates in a gallery showing of students’ original work.

PCM 475 Video Production (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 170; PCM 300; PCM 320; AC 312 - The student refines her knowledge and ability to use electronic media by analyzing and designing video projects. By careful, ongoing feedback and gradual internalizing of criteria for effective communications, she further develops her ability to evaluate, revise, and improve her own production work.

PCM 477 (also CLD 477) Public Relations: Theories and Applications (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 300 or MGT 300 - The student explores the internal and external impact of problem situations, and designs communications that provide information intended to clarify or influence. She produces communications using oral, written, graphic, and electronic media, analyzing which format most effectively meets the public relations requirements of the situation. Building familiarity with news media and specific intended audiences, she directs her communications to achieve maximum effect.

PCM 490 (also CLD 490) Desktop Publishing (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 300 -This course provides classroom and computer lab experiences that assist the student to expand and refine her print media communication and desktop publishing skills. She concentrates on synthesizing prior and new communication knowledge to design creative solutions for print media communication.

PCM 493 (also CLD 493) Interactive Listening (3 credits)
Prereq. PCM 300; PCM 250 or 320 - In this course the student learns strategies to improve her listening skills. She develops her ability to discriminate between stimuli competing for her attention. She learns techniques for improved comprehension, studies therapeutic listening approaches, and explores strategies for becoming an effective, critical listener.