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Sociology Program Overview

In the first place, you’ll learn by doing, by using sociological ideas and information to understand concrete problems and issues you face every day.  All sociology majors are required to do at least one internship, and some do more than one. We have a very strong program in place to help you locate and succeed at an internship site that’s best for you.  This is a great way to learn how to use sociology for real. And in all courses you learn to work in teams to do research and give presentations, interview people in the community, and take informed positions on important societal issues.

You will be learning as part of a community of students and faculty that enjoys exploring and discussing how people behave in groups and institutions--and why. Classes almost always have less than 25 students and our majors and minors get to know each other well.

Sociology is challenging, because you’re routinely called upon to not take your own values and beliefs for granted and learn to compare them to others.

 Sociology is fascinating, because you get to think deeply about all sorts of ways people think and behave. If you like to ask why people do things, sociology is for you.

Sociology is empowering, because you get to understand how decisions are made in your community or the larger society, and how to start impacting those decisions yourself.  Many students are involved in organizations on and off campus that work on social issues like poverty, human rights, and the environment; we bring those experiences directly into our courses to connect school to life.

Want to know what a typical class is like?

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