Pre-Professional Studies — Law

Lawyers play a vital role in society: from leading our government to protecting vulnerable children to fighting for the environment and much more. If you dream of becoming an attorney to help others and work for a more just world, then a bachelor’s degree won’t be the final stop of your academic career. It’s a rigorous process to get into law school and earn a “J.D.” after your name, but Alverno can prepare you for success in law school and beyond.

Pre-Law is a supplementary program that offers seminars, personalized advising, peer support and other resources to help make you a competitive candidate for law school. We recommend you choose a major that will help you develop your writing, logical reasoning and argumentation skills. History, English, Philosophy and Sociology are the most popular majors, but majors as diverse as Environmental Science, Business and Nursing are excellent preparation for various law specialties.

The Alverno edge
You’ll strive to achieve your personal best by practicing the hands-on skills valued by law schools: critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership and communication. Most law schools use the Socratic method of teaching, which requires you to make a confident and reasoned argument in response to a professor’s question. That can be intimidating, but Alverno will help you polish your presenting skills, so you’ll be prepared on your first day of law school.

Professional school prep
It’s never too early to start preparing for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). Starting freshman year, you’ll be invited to workshops that cover the admissions procedures, timelines, test-taking strategies, practice tests and more. You’ll have the opportunity to shadow professionals and meet with law students who have recently applied to law schools to get their insights into the process.

The support you need to succeed
Alverno’s small class sizes will help you perform your best so you can develop the strong academic track record you need to get into law school. You’ll also meet regularly with your Pre-Law faculty advisor, who will help you select the classes, internships and other opportunities you need to reach your goals. We can also connect you to alumnae.

Get involved
Looking for more experiences to bolster your resume? Join one of Alverno’s dozens of student organizations — including Pre-Professional Women of Alverno — to practice your leadership skills and connect with other students who share your passions. You might also work with faculty on research projects or travel to professional conferences.

Internships for the Pre-Law student
Because Alverno is based in Wisconsin’s biggest city, you’ll have easy access to many potential internship and shadow sites. Alverno’s Internship Office, which is connected to more than 2,000 partner sites, can help you find the right opportunity to advance your personal and professional goals. Some of our students have interned at the Milwaukee Bar Association, ACLU of Wisconsin, Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee and other legal-oriented sites.

How you can use your degree
You’ll be prepared to enter law school. Our graduates have gone on to study law at Marquette University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, New England Law, University of Puget Sound and University of Missouri-Kansas City, among other schools.


Have questions about the Pre-Law program at Alverno? We invite you to connect with faculty to learn more.

Jodi EastbergJodi Eastberg, Ph.D.
Pre-Law Advisor