Pre-professional Studies - Health

You plan to go to a professional school once you've completed your undergraduate work. But you've heard how tough it is to gain admission to good medical schools, veterinary schools and dental schools.

Alverno’s pre-professional program combines select courses in the liberal arts and sciences, pre-professional health advising and seminars, relevant internship opportunities and peer support groups that prepare you for the rigorous admission process to professional health school.

Alverno's ability-based curriculum provides you with the skills valued by professional health schools: the ability to analyze keenly and think critically, to solve problems independently and as part of a team, to communicate clearly and convincingly.

Smaller classes, close contact with faculty and links with Alverno alumnae working in these professions give you an advantage. Alverno's internship program gives you the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by a faculty mentor at an area professional school, a physician at a clinic or a lead researcher at a medically oriented laboratory. Many professional health schools desire this type of practical and applied preparation in their candidates for admission.

These pre-professional tracks aren't majors. You should choose a major that will give you the knowledge and skills needed for you to succeed to attend a medical school, veterinary school or dental school. Here are a few majors that tend to work well for pre-medicine, pre-veterinary and pre-dentistry students: