Mathematics major

Mathematics has been called the universal language, and for thousands of years many have been drawn to its beauty and elegance. Today, it remains a powerful and relevant tool for solving difficult questions in business, medicine, environmental science, biology, forensics and more. Alverno’s Mathematics major connects theory and applications, incorporating themes such as logic, techniques of proof and problem solving, for a strong foundation that can be valuable in a number of fields.

You can tailor your mathematics studies to your interests through a wide range of minors. Many of our students double major in areas such as business, secondary education and psychology. Alverno also offers a new dual degree program with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that combines a three-year Mathematics major at Alverno followed by two years of computer science at UWM.

The Alverno edge
Alverno is internationally known for its unique abilities-based curriculum. Instead of competing against classmates, you’ll strive to achieve your personal best — practicing the hands-on skills you need to be a strong communicator, leader, critical thinker and problem-solver. In the Mathematics major, this means solving real-world challenges as well as abstract problems. For example, in class you may be asked to imagine you work in a lab for a global pet food manufacturer. You’ll need to calculate the right proportions for nutrition, dogs of different sizes and needs, and cost effectiveness, and then calculate the most efficient and best value for shipping the product to different countries. Finally, you’ll practice presenting your recommendations.

The support you need to succeed
Forget about giant lecture halls or vying for face time with professors in crowded classes. Alverno’s 10-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes — almost always under 25 students — ensure you’ll really get to know our caring faculty, and that personal connection allows professors to guide you toward meaningful electives and internships that will help you reach your goals. You can also work closely with instructors through independent study.

Get involved
Looking for more experiences outside of the classroom? Join one of Alverno’s dozens of student organizations to practice your leadership skills and connect with other students who share your passions. You can also put your math skills to use (while getting paid) as a tutor in the Daniel M. Soref Science and Mathematics Resource Center. Past students have traveled with faculty to conferences such as the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics.

Internships for the Mathematics major
An internship in a business or lab offers you the chance to test your knowledge against the demands of the workplace, earning credit while you explore a math-related career. Every Mathematics major takes at least one internship; some take two. Alverno’s Mathematics students have interned at many sites, including Northwestern Mutual, the Milwaukee Brewers, Harley-Davidson, AT&T and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

How you can use your degree
Strong mathematics training can lead to a variety of satisfying careers, from department store buyer to biostatistician. Mathematics specialists are in demand by industry, schools and colleges, government agencies and more — any place that requires good analytic thinking and problem-solving skills. Alverno’s Mathematics graduates have gone on to work at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, RBP Chemical Technology, Mercer, Social Development Commission, Guaranty/Best Bank, MGIC and more.


Have questions about studying Mathematics at Alverno? We invite you to connect with faculty to learn more.

Lois KailhoferLois Kailhofer, Ph.D.
Chair of Mathematics and Computing Department