Global Studies and International Affairs major

Do you love travel, languages and new cultures? Do you enjoy working with people different from you? Are you fascinated by international politics, economics and other global issues? Then Global Studies and International Affairs might be the major for you.
Whether you fill up your passport or use your skills at an organization close to home, this major will give you a broader perspective and deeper understanding of our place in a constantly changing world.

The Alverno edge
Alverno is internationally known for its unique abilities-based curriculum, which will help you become a strong communicator, leader, critical thinker and problem-solver — all skills prized by employers here and abroad. That strong foundation will be further enhanced by the knowledge you’ll gain in your Global Studies program, which will include a diverse mix of courses in world language, economics, geography, history and political science.

Experience a different culture
You’ll be expected to participate in an immersion experience in another culture, either abroad or in the United States. You can choose summer or semester-long study abroad programs, or take a short-term travel course taught by Alverno faculty. The Global Studies program is built with flexibility in mind, and any courses you take while studying abroad can count as a Global Studies elective if they don’t already fulfill a major requirement.

Practice being a diplomat
Every Global Studies major participates in a four-day Model United Nations simulation in Chicago, where you’ll play the role of a diplomat from another country after studying the foreign policy of “your” country in class. This valuable experience allows you to interact with more than 1,000 college students from across the U.S., and many of our students love the Model UN so much they return two or even three times.

The support you need to succeed
Forget about giant lecture halls or vying for face time with professors in crowded classes. Alverno’s 10-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes — almost always under 25 students — ensure you’ll really get to know our caring faculty, and that personal connection allows professors to guide you toward meaningful electives and internships that will help you reach your goals.

Get involved
Looking for more experiences outside of the classroom? Join one of Alverno’s dozens of student organizations to practice your leadership skills and connect with other students who share your passions. Alverno offers a Global Studies Club as well as several multicultural student organizations.

Internships for the Global Studies major
Our Internship Office, which is connected to more than 2,000 partner sites, can help you find the right internship for you. Past Global Studies majors have interned at internationally focused organizations based in Milwaukee (such as the Global Youth Leadership Institute), at Alverno’s own International and Intercultural Center, and with other global and international affairs organizations outside of Wisconsin, including the U.S. Department of Defense’s Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, D.C.

How you can use your degree
There’s a growing demand for professionals who are fluent in international and cross-cultural issues, and this versatile degree prepares you for a variety of jobs in corporate, governmental, educational and nonprofit sectors. You might specialize in overseas markets for a financial institution, assist with resettlement and immigration at a social service agency, or work for an international aid and development agency. This major is also excellent preparation for graduate studies in fields such as international law, international education, journalism and public policy. Some of the places where you’ll find Alverno’s Global Studies graduates include the U.S. Social Security Administration, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Institute for World Affairs, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, University of Auckland in New Zealand, and Zabel Property AG in Germany.


Have questions about studying Global Studies and International Affairs at Alverno? We invite you to connect with faculty to learn more.

David BrookerDavid Brooker
Director of Global Studies and International Affairs