Chemistry Major

Do you have an inquiring mind? When you study chemistry, you use your curiosity designing and conducting experiments, making accurate observations and evaluating data. You learn laboratory techniques to examine products, nutrition, the human body and the environment. You’ll delve into ways to unlock the mysteries of the materials which make up our world. Throughout your Chemistry courses you get to design and conduct your own experiments to answer your questions.

Take an analytical look at the Analytical Chemistry course

How good is the hot new fad diet? What kind of nutrition are you really getting? What exactly is all that stuff listed on the bottle label? Is it safe? You will learn important laboratory techniques and apply them to get the answers. You get to ask the questions and design your own experiments. Maybe you want to study the quantity and quality of calcium in dairy milk compared to soy milk, the amount of sodium in seafood, or the nitrates in your favorite sausage. As you work on these projects, you function as a practicing chemist, using the technologies and collaborative skills required in the workplace. You learn to be an effective communicator when you present your findings and recommendations. Or maybe you write a grant proposal to seek funding for your research.

What discovery would you want to make to help someone?