Molecular Biology Specialization

One of the most exciting challenges of modern science lies in unraveling how genes and their DNA control living organisms. Manipulating DNA has become a vital part of all areas of biology, from laboratory research to practical applications in biotechnology, medicine and agriculture. If you are intrigued by understanding life at its most basic level, you might choose to major in biology with a specialization in molecular biology.

Molecular biology draws on core principles of physical science, informatics, genetics and cellular biology to understand how DNA works and how it can be used in new technologies to serve human needs and to advance our understanding of how living organisms function.

As an Alverno molecular biology student, a select program of biology and physical science courses will introduce you to the variety of theories and techniques that can be applied to DNA. Your beginning courses follow the sequence of the biology major. In the intermediate courses, your studies become more focused on the sciences that gave rise to molecular biology and the disciples that intensively use molecular technology today. In your advanced work, you become increasingly skilled in learning through laboratory experiences and scientific literature. Throughout your studies you will examine the impact of molecular biology in ethical and societal debates.

Major Outcomes for Molecular Biology Specialization

An Alverno College graduate with a major in biology with a molecular biology specialization will demonstrate the ability:

  • to communicate about biological and chemical phenomena;
  • to analyze quantitative and qualitative data;
  • to apply frameworks;
  • to solve problems through scientific investigation; and
  • to apply these abilities in the specialized context of molecular biology.