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Grow as a leader and advance in your profession with one of our graduate programs for women and men.

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Your Commencement 

Commencement is a time of celebration of all you've achieved and become. In addition to crossing the stage, there are a number of ways in which you can not only continue the celebration but also honor the people who helped you along the way.

Commencement speakers

There are typically several speaker roles for graduates to fill at both the undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies:
Coordinator of Ceremony: Serves as the emcee for graduation. Addresses the audience multiple times throughout the ceremony.
Invocator: Says an inclusive prayer near the beginning of the ceremony.
Student Speaker: Celebratory remarks to and on behalf of the graduating class (length of speech: 5-7 minutes).
Speaking roles are awarded based on an audition process. Contact the Dean of Students office to learn more.

Cultural ceremonies

The Cultural Ceremonies (Bestowing of the Kente, Latinas Con Fuerza and Asian American Rite of Passage) are culturally grounded rites of passage in which we honor our graduates and their African, Latinx and/or Asian heritage. The ceremonies also provide an opportunity for graduates to recognize and express deep gratitude to those family, friends and loved ones supported their collegiate journey. Graduates who participate will have a stole bestowed on her/him as part of the ceremony as a special message of thanks is read aloud. 
Graduating students who would like to participate in this beautiful ritual must complete a two-step process. Please begin by completing the application below, and then placing your stole order. For questions or assistance, please contact Adekola Adedapo.
The brief application will require you to identify one specific person who will assist with the stole bestowing, and write your words to your presenter to be read aloud at the ceremony. Family, friends and loved ones are welcome to attend. No ticket is necessary for this event, and a reception will immediately follow.
Step 2: Order your stole 
Click here to order your Kente, Sarape, or Asian heritage stole
If you wish to make a customized Asian heritage stole, you may do so through PrideSash.

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