Student Organizations

Involvement Opportunties

Alverno offer a wide variety of student organizations for students to engage and grow their leadership skills.  You can check our current student organizations and get contact information for their student leaders in our Student Organization Directory.

We offer academic, profesional, socail, multicultural, and political student organizations, but if a student is interested in something that we don't offer, Student Activities & Leadership can help them start a new student organization.

Starting a New Student Organization

 Students can start their own student organizations.  Student Activities & Leadership is there to help on every step along the way.  Basic requirements are: 4 members, an advisor, and a Constitution.  For assistance with this process, contact us at

The form to beging the process can be found HERE.

Current Student Organization Leader Resources

Planning a student organizaiton event?  Submit and Event Request forn to get space and supplies HERE.

To request additional funding for specific events and conferences, click HERE.

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