Institutional Review Board

Alverno Institutional Review Board

The Alverno College Institutional Review Board (IRB) is part of Alverno's Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). The IRB holds autonomous decision making authority when reviewing human subject research studies under the jurisdiction of Alverno College. The primary responsibility of the Alverno College Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to review proposed and continuing research for the purpose of protecting of human subjects who are participants in research. The IRB's decisions are based on the ethical principles in the Belmont Report, Wisconsin State Laws, Alverno College policies, and the Code of Federal Regulations. The IRB is comprised of Alverno College faculty, staff, and community representatives.

The Alverno IRB reviews research on human subjects that is conducted by individuals affiliated with Alverno, that involves affiliated individuals as participants, that occurs on Alverno’s premises, or that uses its equipment. The IRB also supports decentralized review processes for research that is exempt from IRB review.

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