Students in the English department’s new Creative Studies in Writing (CSW) program are putting their imaginations to work. The result is the launch of the College’s first online student literary magazine and plenty of professional experience in the process.  

Whether a student studies nursing, psychology, business or biology, this new program prepares her for a wide range of professions that demand creative thinking, a sophisticated use of language and the intellectual flexibility to write for traditional and new media environments.

“This program enables you to discover your inner creativity,” says Katie Renteria, nursing and CSW. But it’s the program’s capstone course, EN 453: From Print-out to Publication, where students’ pens really meet the pavement.

In an intense practicum experience, students become professional writers and editors with a goal to publish a literary magazine. As writers, students pitch their ideas to the editorial board, taking on the board’s feedback as they write. As editors, they collaborate in a production team responsible for the design and layout of a section of the magazine.

The practicum was “a lot of ‘trial by fire,’” notes Jennifer Bremer, English and CSW, but “I think in a senior level course we need that sink or swim mentality because no one will be holding our hands when we enter the writing world on our own.”

And since this past semester was the first time the capstone course has been offered, these particular students had the added responsibility of creating the magazine’s name. On November 29, the class launched AlvernoINK.

“I really enjoyed the structuring of crews for AlvernoINK,” noted Emily Weiner in her final self-assessment for the course. “I loved that I was able to make my own decisions, be both creative and technical, and add something awesome to my portfolio because of my role.”

Check out the current issue of AlvernoINK.