With almost half of Alverno’s undergraduate students receiving state grant assistance, totaling nearly $3 million annually, preserving the power of financial aid is critically important to the College and our students. As such, Alverno is an active participant with two statewide initiatives aimed at protecting student financial aid programs.

The Power of Financial Aid is a joint partnership between the United Council of UW Students, the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU), Wisconsin Student Government and the Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association. This collective group represents the interests of 137,000 Wisconsin college students who rely on financial assistance to make their college dreams come true. The group works hard to reach elected officials, asking people in Wisconsin to sign an online petition, showing their support of financial aid as a statewide priority.

Alverno also takes an active role in WAICU Students’ Day, a bi-annual event that encourages, and even initiates, face-to-face meetings with private college students and their elected representatives.

During the one-day event in Madison, held this year on February 27, WAICU organized an open “Question & Answer” period between participants and Wisconsin government leaders. Later in the day, WAICU hosted a discussion and preparation time period to adequately prepare students for their one-on-one legislative sessions. The day concluded with students meeting individually with their elected official.

Despite a major snow storm the day of the event, more than 70 students, staff and faculty from many of Wisconsin’s independent colleges and universities attended the event this year. Of the total, Alverno comprised more than half with 41 total participants, including several members of Alverno’s Board of Trustees.

Photo Highlights:

Alverno College was well-represented at the bi-annual WAICU Students’ Day held on February 27, 2013, in Madison. The event offers college students an opportunity to meet with their elected representatives and share the positive impact the Wisconsin Tuition Grant is making on their lives. Special thanks to Dan Goyette, Alverno’s director of financial aid, who played a major role in orchestrating Alverno’s involvement. Additional thanks to representatives from Alverno’s Board of Trustees, including Mary Beth Berkes ’75, Abbie Nash and Barbara Wyatt Sibley ’82, who attended on behalf of Alverno College. Finally, thanks to all of the Alverno students who braved a snow storm to attend the event, including Wendy Stallings and Lena Scheibengraber, who agreed to a Web profile piece.