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Keep your fitness forecast bright with these workouts that get you moving no matter what it’s like outside.

Weather forecast: Hazy, Hot, and Humid

If you usually walk… do an indoor walking DVD. You can even choose the mileage—from 1- to 5-mile routines—and set your own pace. Check out for dozens of options.

If you usually run… try water running. Hop in a pool and run laps in the shallow end or use a flotation vest or belt to log miles in the deep end. Added toning benefit: Water provides 800 times more resistance than running on land.

If you usually ride a bike… get a trainer. Not a person; the metal kind of trainer that easily transforms an outdoor bike into a stationary cycle. Basic models start at about $100. To really simulate an outdoor ride, pop in a Virtual Active DVD ($19.95 or $7.95 to download, The stunning footage of some of North America’s most scenic roads will inspire you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about traffic!

If you usually play tennis… have a virtual match. Whether you have Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii, you can practice your backhand and serve right in your family room. Invite your tennis partner over to join you for more fun.


Weather forecast: Cold and Rainy

If you usually walk… go mall walking. Many malls open early so you can do laps before shoppers arrive. Some malls even have groups that meet regularly. Call the business office at your local more for more information.

If you usually run… take an indoor cycling class. Indoor cycling can give you an equally intense lower body workout. The non-impact workout will also give your joints a break, and a competitive class setting might motivate you to push yourself harder.

If you usually ride a bike… lift weights. Cycling is a lower-body workout, and many cyclists don’t train their arms, shoulders, chest, and back as often as they should. Rainy days are a perfect opportunity to mix up your routine. Grab a set of dumbbells and do some upper body moves such as front and side arm raises, curls, and kickbacks.

If you usually swim… do Pilates. It, too, is a total-body toning workout and it gives you a similar elongating feeling. Search online to find a variety of DVDs.

If you usually play golf…do yoga. The poses build strength and flexibility especially in your abs, back, and hips—key muscles used to swing a golf club. Practice it regularly and you could improve your game.


Source:  Weight Watchers QuickBites (July 7, 2014)