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Wellness Tip

Making a daily fitness plan that works for you

From fitness rookies to experienced exercisers, this routine works for every fitness level. And the activity can be as simple or involved as you'd like (as long as you can stick with it and safely step it up). Also if you're new to fitness, or have taken an extended break, be sure to speak with your doctor before you start or resume a fitness plan. Here are a few more things to consider on your own:

  1. Think about activities you like to do. Yes, you can get and stay in shape without ever stepping into a gym. And you don't have to limit yourself to the usual suspects like running or weight lifting either. Enjoy sports? Look into a local rec league. Or sign up for an exercise class. Rent a mountain bike for a day.
  2. Strike a balance. The best workouts combine some strength training and cardiovascular activity. Try to include a mix of both whenever you’re active, even if you’re only doing a short workout. And remember to stretch before and after you exercise.
  3. Consider the season. Yes, winter weather can be lousy, but with the right attitude (and the right gear) you can put the cold to work for you in the form of fun outdoor workouts like skiing, snowshoeing and more.
  4. Change up your routine if you’re already working out. Try something new to keep things interesting and work different muscle groups. Perhaps sign up for a race and start a new weight-training program. Even a simple change of scenery can revive your regular routine: Maybe scope out a new trail for your walks or runs.


Source:  Weight Watchers Quick Bites (August 3, 2014)