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Wellness Book of the Month

September 2014 Wellness Book of the Month

Each month we recommend a new wellness book to help you expand your knowledge about a featured wellness topic. Happy reading!

Sparks of Genius:  The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People

By Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein

Creativity isn't born, it's cultivated—this innovative guide distills the work of extraordinary artists and thinkers to show you how.

All the imagination needs to be fruitful is exercise. Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein identify the thinking tools employed by history's greatest creative minds—from Albert Einstein and Jane Goodall to Amadeus Mozart and Virginia Woolf—so that anyone with the right mix of inspiration and drive can set their own genius in motion. With engaging narratives and ample illustrations, the authors investigate cognitive tools such as observing, imaging, recognizing patterns, modeling, playing, and more to provide "a clever, detailed and demanding fitness program for the creative mind".