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Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Alverno's goal is to create a healthier, more productive organizational culture which engages members of the Alverno Community in positive and healthy activities and provides resources and programming to meet their wellness needs. At Alverno, we are concerned about the total person and emphasize wholeness by offering services using the Wellness Model, created by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness affect all areas of a person's life. By making conscious choices toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, you can improve "wholeness."

Academic / Intellectual Wellness

  • Uses one’s mind to create a greater understanding of self and the universe
  • Develops intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and life long learning


  • Makes decisions that are effective and meaningful contributing to desired personal and professional growth
  • Explores  and determines good fit/compatibility between personality, goals (values, finances, lifestyle), strengths and the specific requirements of a targeted career
  • Strives to achieve both a positive attitude about work as well as the ability to balance work with other aspects of life


  • Creates and maintains a positive realistic self-concept and enthusiasm about life
  • Develops emotional self-awareness learning to identify, understand, manage and use emotions in a positive manner (e.g. anxiety, depression, worry, eating disorder)
  • Develops coping skills (e.g. stress management, conflict resolution)


  • Makes choices that support a sustainable environment, improving qualities in air, water and  land
  • Encourages minimal purchase and use of disposable products based upon environmental impact
  • Recognizes personal impact on the environment and takes deliberate action to minimize impact


  • Encompasses good health and energy to accomplish things on a daily basis
  • Develops healthy eating and self-care habits
  • Engages in a consistent exercise regime consisting of flexibility and muscular strengthening exercises that result in cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength
  • Manages stress
  • Takes proactive steps to avoid and prevent injury, illness and disease
  • Abstains from addictions including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs both over the counter and illicit
  • Makes choices that contribute to health and wellness, including seat belt use, getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, utilizing medical self-care and utilizing the medical systems appropriately

Social, Cultural and Leadership Wellness

  • Accepts and respects others and maintains healthy and supportive relationships
  • Communicates honestly and directly, resolving conflict in a healthy, timely manner
  • Becomes meaningfully engaged, connected and integrated in the community

Values / Spiritual

  • Demonstrates a consistency between beliefs, values and behaviors
  • Appreciates the individual uniqueness, diversity and need for connectedness among all people
  • Recognizes that there are many spiritual paths and that every spiritual tradition recognizes and teaches basic precepts or laws of wise and conscious human conduct
  • Develops a deeper sense of purpose, direction and awareness



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