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For Students

Wellness Resources for Students

Student Health 101

Click on to read the most recent edition of Student Health 101 electronic wellness magazine, courtesy of Counseling & Health Services, Campus Ministry, and the Fitness Center.

Inside EVERY edition of Student Health 101:

  • On the front page:  check out the video greeting—meet an Alverno community member who has something wellness-oriented to say
  • Click on “ALVERNO RESOURCES” to get to Alverno resources, as well as community resources
  • “Student Health 101” appreciates your feedback.  As an incentive, clicking on the “enter to win” allows you to be including in a $1000 drawing—let your voice be heard!
  • Health Bulletins is a 2-page spread that gives you lots of “at a glance” resources:  the app of the month, national wellness events, ask the experts (professor, counselor, doctor, nutritionist), and so much more
  • UCookbook:  meals for $3 or less per serving!
  • UFitness:  creative exercises
  • Along the top bar you have easy to find tools:  an archive of all previous issues of SH 101, SH 101 Facebook page, SH 101 Twitter, the print button, the resource button, and the enter-to-win button

Wellness Classes

Students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in non-credit wellness classes during the lunch hour.  No registration necessary - just check the wellness calendar for the schedule. 

Students can earn credits and improve their wellness by enrolling in wellness classes each semester.  Offerings vary each semester so check IOL for upcoming opportunities.

Counseling and Health Services

Through our Counseling & Health Services, we have developed programs to address issues that may be keeping you from achieving your personal and academic goals. We offer individual help and classes covering smoking addiction, alcohol awareness and maintaining healthy lifestyles and relationships as well as a broad range of health services including preventative care and illness assessments.

Career Education Center

As a student, you're preparing for and enhancing your career skills.  The Career Education Center (CEC) provides career planning and job search assistance for students.  In addition, the CEC offers regular networking and on-campus recruiting events.