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Undergraduate Admissions

Learn. Retain. Graduate. Apply knowledge liberally.

What if your education was all about you? What if it enabled you to realize your potential by becoming the person you haven’t yet imagined?

Alverno College’s commitment to developing your individual power is so strong, we’ve developed our unique curriculum with eight core abilities every student must master in order to graduate, and an assessment-as-learning approach that draws educators from around the world to consult with us.

The reason ability-based education works is simple – it’s a model of the real world. It’s an effective and relevant learning experience that is valued by students, graduate schools and professionals.

An Alverno College education is one of the most comprehensive learning experiences available – one in which you’ll be constantly challenged to write, speak, present, research and demonstrate your knowledge.

We take this approach throughout our major and minor areas of study, because we know you’ll be expected to demonstrate and apply what you’ve mastered throughout your professional careers and all areas of your life.

Learn more about us. Visit us. Then, come learn with us.