Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Educator


Today, the world of health care and advanced practice nursing is changing faster than ever. You have an opportunity to participate as a leader in meeting the demands of today's population and an expanding global culture.

Learn more today. Alverno's Clinical Nurse Specialist Master's program is designed to help you to meet these new demands. Our integrated curriculum prepares you as both a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Educator.

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) you will be equipped to work with adults and older adults. You may become certified in either adult or older adult health. As a nurse educator, you will be able to teach in an associate or baccalaureate school of nursing or work as an advanced educator in a health care or community setting.


Contact information:

Janet Stikel

Graduate Admissions for Master of Science in Nursing programs

(414) 382-6112