#1 in the Midwest. Again.

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Nothing is more important to Alverno than educating the next generation of leaders. Our mission is built on it. Our faculty is committed to it. And we have thousands of distinguished alumnae–positively contributing to their professions and communities–who will attest to their alma mater’s success. So it is a tremendous honor to be recognized by U.S. News & World Report for the second consecutive year as the first in the Midwest for doing “the best job of educating undergrads.”

We use this special edition of Alverno Magazine to pay tribute to the faculty who remain steadfast in their commitment to teaching and learning and to the students who recognize the inherent value of an Alverno education. When you combine a dedicated group of faculty who are energized to teach with a talented community of students willing to learn, Alverno becomes more than just another college. We become NUMBER ONE in the Midwest!

Alverno was recognized in the following categories:


Being ranked number one in this category, which relies on input from college presidents, provosts and admission deans to “identify schools where the faculty has an unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching,” puts Alverno in the same category as Dartmouth College and Princeton University.


Schools that are nominated in this category ensure students get to take “two or more linked courses as a group and get to know one another and their professors well,” which helps to gain familiarity with one another and, more importantly, confidence.


As the only Wisconsin college ranked in this category, Alverno is “more determined than others to provide freshmen and all undergrads with the best possible experience.”


Eager to provide a multicultural learning community and an environment where “students interested in studying with people of different backgrounds” thrive, Alverno is the only Wisconsin college ranked in this category.