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Alverno’s commitment to educating the next generation of women leaders remains its number one priority. Since students remain the heart and soul of the College, here’s what a roundtable discussion group had to say on what the number one ranking means to them.

What does the U.S. News & World Report #1 ranking mean to you?

“It makes me feel so proud and glad to be an Alverno student. I am so happy that I made the right choice. I will be proud to call myself an Alverno Alum.” —Vanessa

“It means a lot to me especially being a student who plans to pursue a doctorate degree. Earning a degree from an institution that ranks number one puts me in very good standings when looking for a graduate school.” — Kristen

“It makes me proud to be a part of the Alverno community. It means what I’ve been a part of is effective and I’m proof as to why Alverno is ranked number one.”— Mai Kaw

“The number one ranking to me means that I am attending a school with an atmosphere striving for quality education and sincere dedication to academic improvement.”— Serine

Describe the “strong commitment to teaching” that Alverno encompasses.

“It was recommended that I take a refresher course in math, but I previously had experienced some anxiety while taking math classes. Mr. (David) Wichman went out of his way to ease my fears. When I had questions, he took the time to explain things to me. I always found him to be approachable and very patient.”— Carly

“There was one semester where I was beyond overwhelmed and stressed with so much I had going on. One of my professors took time out of her busy schedule to go above and beyond and connect with me once a week to help me, so that I’d be able to stay involved and active on campus.”— Vanessa

“Last semester I had a biochemistry class taught by Judy Calhoun, assistant professor of physical sciences. She was more than willing to sit down with me anytime when I needed extra clarification on topics that were new to me. Judy spent one-on-one time with me as a student on multiple occasions.”— Kristen

What makes Alverno so great?

“It’s my home away from home. The small tight community of women supporting one another is what makes us different from other colleges or universities. Alverno really enforces the idea that every woman is powerful and should learn to better understand herself, so that she can make a difference in the world.”— Mai Kaw

“Personal efforts don’t go unrecognized. Professors recognize achievements–big or small–and this recognition motivates you to try harder.”— Jennifer

“The philosophy at Alverno is that everyone has potential and can be successful. We (students) set our personal goals and compete with ourselves. Our teachers set the level of excellence we strive to achieve and, through the self-assessment process and performance, we re-work and revise what we’re doing to meet the highest of expectations. Basically, our destiny is in our own hands.”— Carly

How is Alverno preparing you for life after college?

“I’m currently in my first semester of a clinical in the cardiac unit of a hospital and I’m already learning so much. Rotating through different nursing specialties will not only prepare me for my first job, but it will help me get a feel for which specialty suits me best.”— Jennifer

“Alverno helps by exposing me to professional group interaction. This helps me greatly because I plan to pursue a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering to be able to potentially research methods for alternative energy resources. This will require me to work with other scientists to brainstorm and research to find improvements.”— Serine

“Alverno is preparing our students for life after college by enrolling them in classes that will prepare, or at least give experience, in multiple areas, not just their major.”— Kristen

How has Alverno changed your life?

“I came to Alverno at a turning point in my life. Once I decided to become an Education major, I felt I was on a path with real direction. I now have a sense of purpose and confidence that I had lost along the way. Alverno stresses the idea of female empowerment. Since becoming an Alverno student, I have learned to stand up for myself and take charge of my life.”— Carly

“I was intrigued by Alverno’s abilities-based curriculum, especially social interaction and communication. I’ve been shy my entire life, which hindered my confidence. I wanted to find a program that would help me break out of my shell. I can confidently say, without hesitation, that Alverno has made it possible for me to realize my abilities.”— Jennifer

“I chose Alverno for its small classrooms. I wanted that close interaction with professors and Alverno has given me just that. It has provided me with professors who ask me if I need help, use my name to call on me in class and provide me with criticism and suggestions to succeed during my undergrad years and on.”— Serine

“I chose Alverno because I liked their grading system of assessment as opposed to letter grades, this makes me my biggest competitor. I have to be the best I can be and that makes me strive for more.”— Vanessa