Judith Berger

Connecting the Dots

A 1994 Alverno graduate, Linda Seebantz works at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. It's a dream job for her and she credits Alverno for helping her recognize why she valued things in her world, which became a canvas on which she crafted her life.
As the first person in her family to earn a college degree, Linda Seebantz admits there were few role models for her on this regard. However, she recalls a conversation with her … Read More »

Camp iGirl at Alverno

Every June, Alverno is host to Camp iGirl, a digital technology-focused summer camp for Girls Scouts of Southeast Wisconsin. The girls are seen here in the Alverno computer lab, learning about various digital applications.
Earlier this summer, from June 23-28, Alverno College was summer camp for 92 Girls Scouts of Southeast Wisconsin participating in Camp iGirl. Although the iconic image of Girl Scouts gathered around a … Read More »