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Taking on Modern Ecological Challenges in the Spirit of St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of ecology. With the Feast…

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Global Attendees at Assessment Workshop

Alverno College, a global-leader in competency-based programs, hosted its 39th Teaching for Competencies…

Educators from throughout Wisconsin and the world travel to Alverno's campus each summer to learn about such things as implementing competency-based programs into higher ed institutions and character education into K-12 schools.
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Alverno Students Shine at Leadership Initiative

A new partnership effort initiated by MiKE and Startup MKE not only provided…

A new Milwaukee-area leadership initiative brought together 140 students from 19 local colleges and universities. The purpose was to provide students with opportunities to strengthen collaboration skills while exploring innovation. The result was showcasing the leadership skills of Alverno students.
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Lake Michigan Connects Students to the Coastal Cities of the Baltic Sea

Melissa Marchese, a Communication & Technology student set to graduate in December, was…

In a class led by Alverno professors Jodi Eastberg and David Brooker, students studied the concept of coastal cities. The experience culminated with an 11-day trip to similar coastal cities in the Baltics. Pictured here, students observe and get a topdown perspective of the redeveloped western harbor in Malmö, Sweden.
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Internship Impact

Most people learn best by doing, so one of the best ways for…

Internships are an integral component of an Alverno education. Four unique internship sites are featured here, but, at present, our Internship Office has a network of mentors connected to more than 2,000 worksites.
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Richard Pieper: A Man of Great Character

Alverno College continues to advance character education curriculum in Wisconsin’s K-12 schools, and…

As more K-12 schools look to develop the whole child, character education programs continue to gain positive attention. Thanks to the help of Richard Pieper, who has made servant leadership a part of life, Alverno College continues to advance character education curriculum in Wisconsin.