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How Does Alverno’s Garden Grow?

Walk through Alverno’s campus and you may stumble upon a little garden in…

Walk through Alverno’s campus and you may stumble upon a little garden in the city. Student group Team Green is using the garden to educate the Alverno community on the importance of growing vegetables.
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Alverno Students Shine at Leadership Initiative

A new partnership effort initiated by MiKE and Startup MKE not only provided…

A new Milwaukee-area leadership initiative brought together 140 students from 19 local colleges and universities. The purpose was to provide students with opportunities to strengthen collaboration skills while exploring innovation. The result was showcasing the leadership skills of Alverno students.
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Campus drive sparks new passion for recycling plastic

Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store has become de rigueur, but what…

Like most people, Alverno senior Marisol Ramos (pictured) hadn’t given much thought to plastic bags. That all changed when she and another classmate embarked on a research project for a Biology class.
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Student-Athlete Profile: Courtney Cornella-Carlson

Courtney Cornella-Carlson has known for a long time she’d pursue a career in…

Nursing student Courtney Cornella-Carlson is thankful to have found a supportive community of like-minded, ambitious students ready to be the next generation of nursing leaders.
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True-to-Life Medical Crises Without Real-Life Consequences

In a clinical setting, mistakes can quite literally mean the difference between life…

Located in the new Alexia Hall, Alverno’s state-of-the-art clinical simulation labs provide one of the most important aspects of learning: the ability to fail.
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New Application of Model UN

Brandy Lochen was cornered into making a confession: She had not seen a…

An opportunity for a student to apply a modification to the Model UN simulation
provided rich learning for Alverno senior Brandy Lochen. She was among a group of students in Associate Professor David Brooker’s class asked to create a Princess Council tasked with determining, among other things, attire for
a fictitious ball.