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Creating Community

The character education initiative at South Milwaukee School District (Rawson Elementary pictured here) weaves five critical character traits into every aspect of school, including curriculum. Two years into its launch, the school district is reporting a stronger sense of community, and efforts are now underway to expand the program to include adult interactions among teachers, administrators and parents.
Respect. Responsibility. Honesty. Kindness. Perseverance. These are the character traits the South Milwaukee School District has been weaving into the district’s curriculum – and students’ lives – for the past two years. … Read More »

Bene Award Winner: Penny Enroth

In recognition for her contributions to Alverno College students and the JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing, Penny Enroth was honored with the Bene Award at the 2013 Celebration of Giving event. To date, the Enroth scholarship has helped eight nursing students at Alverno, while additional contributions have helped the College attain two simulation mannequins.
Several years ago, Mary “Penny” Enroth was dining at a restaurant, when she overheard a nursing professor discussing the fact that most nursing instructors were quickly nearing retirement age. Enroth, a passionate … Read More »

Partnering with Parents


Alverno School of Education Connects Parents & Educators to Improve Educational Outcomes

Study after study has shown that students whose parents are engaged with the educational process attend school regularly, receive better … Read More »