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Navigating Toward a New Standard of Patient Care

Two years ago Audrey Burghardt ’14 was working at Children’s Hospital and finishing…

Alverno students Hilton Morris and Cinthia Fletes were thrilled to intern at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin where Audrey Burghardt ’14 heads a program that is re-imagining the possibilities for keeping kids and families in Wisconsin healthy and thriving.
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Alverno’s Lessons Heat up in Summer

Fewer students are on campus during the summer months, but education never takes…

Educators from throughout Wisconsin and the world travel to Alverno's campus each summer to learn about such things as implementing competency-based programs into higher ed institutions and character education into K-12 schools.
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Education Students Receive Lessons in Mindfulness

As a Teach for America (TFA) alum, Desiree Pointer-Mace is familiar with the…

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New MBA Tracks Meet Business Needs of the Future

In the business world, things can change with the snap of your fingers,…

The business world changes quickly. Three innovative new MBA tracks will prepare Alverno alums to meet emerging needs in Business Analytics, Healthcare Management and Nonprofit Management.
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The New Wave of Feminism

Feminist. Nearly a century after American women won the right to vote, and…

Alverno College has a long, proud history of promoting and enabling higher education for women, and have made it our mission to expand opportunities for generations of alumnae. Our mission-driven focus also cements a prominent, historical place for women's colleges like Alverno especially as more people - both women and men - commit themselves to the ideal of gender equality.
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Effective Citizenship: More than an Academic Exercise

As a student, Isela Ramirez ’12 was actively involved in community service activities…

A commitment to giving back is nothing new for Alverno’s alumnae, students and faculty. Students leave Alverno with a sense of service-mindedness that continues for life.