• Our man in Vietnam

    Despite having no word for entrepreneurism, government and higher education officials in Vietnam are banking on a surge of new enterprises to help create jobs for their fast-growing population. Colleges there are educating homegrown entrepreneurs and Alverno Business professor Dan Matre, pictured here with a Vietnamese student entrepreneurs club, is a part of it.

    An old Vietnamese folk saying counsels that “fortune favors the brave.” But in a land ripe for entrepreneurism, surprisingly few Vietnamese are braving the challenges of starting a new business. “It’s a … Read More »

  • Inspiring Others to Bridge the Technology Divide Worldwide

    Alverno professors Jill Newton Moore and Tracy Stockwell traveled to Cameroon this past summer to tackle a variety of projects, including an expansion of the computer lab at St. Joseph Comprehensive High School in Mambu, Bafut.

    When Communication & Technology Professor Jill Newton Moore first arrived in Cameroon in 2011 to teach in a small farming village, she discovered her students didn’t have their own laptops, or even … Read More »

  • Talking It Out

    For many years, Associate Dean Patricia Jensen has teamed with researchers at Case Western University to better understand “conversational learning” and its value to students. Here, she explains how this powerful learning concept will get a big boost thanks to the College’s exciting campus improvement project.

    Should your economic views align more with conservative Milton Friedman or liberal John Maynard Keynes? Do you believe humans can simultaneously hold two opposing convictions, as the writings of Dickens, Twain and … Read More »

  • Living Life Through Music and Service

    Mike Kamenski is a man who is firing on all cylinders. In addition to teaching music at Alverno, he's involved with St. Sebastian Catholic Church, the Menomonee Falls Symphony Orchestra and was recently awarded the Vatican II Award for Distinguished Service in Liturgy. He loves many things and is able to do them all in these many roles.

    Assistant Professor of Music Mike Kamenski was just 6 years old when he joined his grade school’s accordion orchestra. By fifth grade, he was playing with a Polish dance group and fitting … Read More »


  • An Unusual Path to Public Health

    Tiffany Barta ’03 wanted to become an engineer, but life led her into public health. She’s now the director of nursing for the Milwaukee Public Health Department.

    When Milwaukee native Tiffany Barta ’03, graduated from St. Joan Antida High School, she enrolled in Marquette University’s computer science program. Passionate about architectural and computer engineering, she envisioned a career in … Read More »

  • Turning Her Business Degree into a Work of Art

    Tammie Strause ’96 spent more than two decades in business operations management, and then a change of heart led her to follow her passion and open an art gallery.

    When Tammie Strause graduated Alverno College in 1996 with a Business Management degree in hand, she never imagined that 16 years later she would own an art gallery. Yet in August 2012, … Read More »

  • “Spirit of Alverno” is alive in Texas

    Full of life and love for Alverno, the Texas Alumnae Group won the Spirit of Alverno Award during the College’s Homecoming celebration in October. Nearly 200 alumnae live in Texas, and a core group from across the state meet for an annual weekend gathering, among other activities.

    The Lone Star State might be hundreds of miles away from Alverno, but the Texas Alumnae Group is committed to maintaining close ties. The group won the Spirit of Alverno Award during … Read More »

  • Quality Assured

    Elsa Janusiak '13 (left) had a job lined up before she even graduated from Alverno last May. She started the Quality Assurance lab at Black Bear Bottling and now gives back to the College by serving as mentor and internship site. Current intern Emily Snell is pictured on the right.

    Elsa Janusiak ’13 had a job lined up before she even graduated from Alverno. In fact, she was working as the director of Quality Assurance and Operations at Black Bear Bottling in … Read More »


  • It’s All About Leadership

    William Hughes, assistant professor of Education, discusses Alverno's partnership with Schools That Can Milwaukee, including the launch of a new Leadership Development Program.

    It is well known there is a surplus of certified school leaders. Most open positions attract plenty of applicants from which to choose, however, despite this surplus, there remains a shortage of … Read More »

  • Celebrating 50 Years in Community

    As they celebrate their Golden Jubilee, Sisters Mary Diez & Kathleen O'Brien reflect on 50 years of service.

    Sister Mary Diez ‘67, SSSF and Sister Kathleen O’Brien ’67, SSSF grew up hundreds of miles apart. Diez was raised in Nebraska; O’Brien spent most of her youth in Milwaukee. But their … Read More »

  • This Better Be Good

    After 37 years at Alverno, Tim Riordan, retired professor of Philosophy, reflects on his time at the College and the tough audiences that prompt everyone - faculty, students, staff - to do their very best.

    How do I begin to write about 37 years at Alverno College? As my colleagues and students know, I often use a story to make a point or, more likely, to raise … Read More »

  • Education, the Workforce and the Liberal Arts

    Sister Joel Read reflects on the role of a liberal arts education on today's workforce.

    I’ve been thinking lately about the current political push to better connect the workforce and education. Manufacturing has long been the heartbeat of the Wisconsin economy and it seems employers in this … Read More »