Transfer Credit

As a transfer student, we know your first question is probably this: “Will my credits transfer?”  Alverno works with you to ensure you receive credit for as much of your prior coursework as possible.

We will review unofficial transcripts to get an idea of how the coursework you have already completed at other colleges or universities will transfer into our program. Transfer credit is evaluated using several considerations:

  • The educational quality of the learning experiences
  • The comparability of the nature, content and level of the learning experiences
  • The appropriateness and applicability of the learning experiences to the programs offered at Alverno College

We accept transfer credit from institutions that are regionally accredited or accredited by a body recognized by the Department of Education.

If you have completed a two-year Associate degree, we have various agreements with two-year colleges and universities for students who wish to earn a baccalaureate degree. 

Our admissions counselors will work with you to determine how your credits will transfer to Alverno. 

Contact us to be connected to an admissions counselor: