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The value of an Alverno education

See what Milwaukee business leaders have to say about the value of an Alverno education.

Earn your Bachelor’s degree without putting your life on hold.

Alverno’s new flexible education degree program is designed with your busy life in mind.

Your degree is within your reach. Let’s get started.


Alverno College has a rich history of serving adult women, dating back to the launch of Weekend College in 1977 — which was the first of its kind in the Milwaukee area.

Today, the need for female leaders in the workplace is greater than ever. Take your career to the next level by building the crucial skills, leadership qualities, and innovative mindset that today’s employers are seeking.

Why choose a women’s college? The advantages are amazing.

Areas of Study

Business, Communication and Liberal Studies

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Path to Completion

  • Enroll in as many or as few classes as you like.
  • Complete a 4-year degree in 3 years (if you attend in summer).

“The classroom environment at Alverno is like a training class at my job. We are not ‘talked at’ but are included in the discussion and given a voice. Alverno’s ability-based curriculum has made me a more well-rounded individual. I recommend Alverno to every woman I meet who has the desire to continue her education.”

–Geneva, Business & Management major

How Classes Work

  • Classes are a blend of online and in-classroom learning.
  • In-person classes meet each week on Wednesday evenings.
  • Class times are 5:30-7:15 p.m. and 7:30-9:15 p.m.
  • Take up to 16 credits each semester.
  • Each 4-credit course lasts 8 weeks, so you can complete up to 4 classes per semester.


“Alverno’s approach to education isn’t just innovative; it’s important. From the moment you pick up the phone and talk to someone in Admissions, to the moment you walk across the stage at graduation (and beyond), everyone at Alverno is all about empowering you and helping you discover that you have the ability to be successful.”

–Rebecca, Communication major


  • $499 per credit
  • Financial aid eligibility for minimum of 8 credits.
  • Free parking on campus!


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“My professors at Alverno knew my name and made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions. I loved not having to struggle through anything I didn’t understand. I also loved that, even though I was a non-traditional student, I still had the opportunity for a full college experience.”

–Natassha, Business and Management major

Credit for Prior Learning

We want to recognize the work you’ve already done in your college and professional career.

Learn more here and get in touch with us for an evaluation of your potential transfer credits and credits for prior learning!

Business major

In the workplace, you’ll find yourself collaborating in teams, leading independent projects, working online, and partnering with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. At Alverno, that’s how learning happens too.
As a business major, you’ll build critical knowledge and abilities in the classroom, while sharing perspectives with other students and instructors. From there, the learning extends into faculty-guided online learning and projects with local organizations, businesses, and Alverno’s community partners.

Sample Business Curriculum

BUS 105: Business: Connecting Principles with Practice
BUS 205: Marketing and Creativity
BUS 225: Organizational Leadership
BUS 230: Information Systems
BUS 235: Financial Accounting and Analysis
BUS 345: Managerial Accounting and Decision Making
BUS 355: Principles of Operations Management
BUS 365: Economics and Resources
BUS 445: Finance
BUS 450: Business Development
BUS 445: Project Management
BUS 465: Global Business Environment

Leadership Courses

LDR 150: Women’s History, Women’s Leadership
LDR 250: Leading Effective Teams
LDR 300: Building a Career: Leadership in Context Part I
LDR 400: Building a Career: Leadership in Context Part II

Communication major

The paths you can pursue with a degree in Communication are endless. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current position or advance your career in a new direction, you will gain essential knowledge through hands-on, real-world learning.
At Alverno, you’ll balance communication theory with practical spoken, written, and digital communication skills to become an innovative leader in whatever field you choose.

Sample Communication Curriculum

CMS 101: Intro to Communication Studies
CMS 170: Visual Literacies
CMS 200: Digital Storytelling
CMS 220: Mindfulness and Listening
CMS 230: Emerging Technologies
CMS 250: Writing for Change
CMS 320: Media Studies
CMS 340: Influence and Advocacy or Elective
CMS 360: Logic and Argumentation
CMS 400: Communicating across Cultures (short-term travel course) or Elective
CMS 499: Communication Studies Capstone

Leadership Courses

LDR 150: Women’s History, Women’s Leadership
LDR 250: Leading Effective Teams
LDR 300: Building a Career: Leadership in Context Part I
LDR 400: Building a Career: Leadership in Context Part II

Liberal Studies major

A degree in Liberal Studies is a foundation for success in a wide variety of fields. Your coursework in behavioral science, humanities, communication, arts, and natural science will help you develop knowledge that is well-rounded and diverse. You’ll also master the abilities that all employers are seeking – abilities like communication, analysis, and problem-solving.
Alverno Liberal Studies alums have gone on to become leaders in education, business, finance, government, nonprofit organizations, community services, arts and more.

Sample Liberal Studies Curriculum

LS 101: Intro to Liberal Studies
LS 170: Visual Literacies
LS 200: Digital Storytelling
LS 220: Science and Pseudoscience
LS 230: Emerging Technologies
LS 300: Arts in the Community
LS 325: Citizen Science
LS 350: Philosophies of Digital Communities
LS 375: Topics in Liberal Studies: Memory and Memoir
LS 400: Liberal Studies Capstone part I
LS 450: Liberal Studies Capstone part II

General Education

GEB 150: Learning, Education, & Training in the Digital Era
GEA 200: Transforming Creativity; Exploration of Women’s Creativity Through The Arts
GES 250: The Sciences & Women
GEH 350: Multiculturalism

Leadership Courses

LDR 150: Women’s History, Women’s Leadership
LDR 250: Leading Effective Teams
LDR 300: Building a Career: Leadership in Context Part I
LDR 400: Building a Career: Leadership in Context Part II