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As we continue to traverse the ever-changing pandemic, Alverno continues to follow the recommendations of the CDC in regards to our policies related to COVID 19.

Spring 2023 Return to Campus Updates

Reporting COVID cases

  • We are no longer requiring students and faculty/staff to report positive cases and symptoms through our COVID response system.
  • We heavily encourage following all current CDC guidelines regarding isolation timelines, but we will not be collecting this information and enforcing quarantine or isolation periods.
  • If you are sick and need additional resources from instructors/supervisors, or need to miss class due to COVID-19 or other illness, we encourage you to communicate with your faculty and/or supervisor and work to find a safe solution.
  • If out with COVID 19, Alverno staff should report it as sick time in ADP as with any other illness.
  • If you are a student, please contact the Dean of Students office with related questions deanofstudents@alverno.edu.
  • If you are an employee, please contact Human Resources with related questions (hr@alverno.edu).
  • Please note that the covid.response@alverno.edu email will no longer be active.


  • We are no longer requiring vaccinations or approved exemptions for all students and faculty/staff.
  • We will still be including COVID-19 on the immunization form for resident students, along with MMR, DPT, and other typical immunizations. We will continue to do this to help keep individuals in the residence halls as safe as possible in case of an outbreak.
  • If you are in a nursing program, you must comply with the COVID-19 vaccination clinical requirements of the JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing.
  • If you are completing an internship/clinical or field placement for your major or program, studying abroad or in any other program that requires additional precautions, you must comply with all program requirements. Nursing students will continue to use Castle Branch.
  • We want to emphasize that the health and safety of the Alverno community is still a top priority for the College, and we encourage all students, faculty, and staff to continue to follow the CDC COVID-19 Recommendations.


  • The campus will remain mask friendly, and we encourage individuals to mask up if you are feeling sick, as there are many other illnesses going around in addition to COVID-19.
  • If you have experienced a case of COVID 19, please continue to wear a mask for five days after your isolation period has ended per CDC recommendation.
  • If you need to find a COVID 19 test, listed below are a few local testing resources.

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