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Undergraduate Programs

Explore a range of majors and minors with nearly limitless opportunities to launch your career.

Graduate Programs

Grow as a leader and advance in your profession with one of our graduate programs for women and men.

Adult Learning and Degree Completion

Elevate your career with degree-completion and licensure/certificate programs.

Campus Life

Get ready for a bright future

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Ready for What's Next


We live in a world that’s always changing. But when it comes to choosing a college, don’t you want to be certain?

Certain that you’ll belong and thrive. Certain that you’ll build the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals. Certain that whatever your next step, you’ll be ready. That’s what Alverno College is all about. Come take a look!

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Welcome to your college search!

This is your time to design your future. No matter where you’re headed, Alverno College will get you ready for what’s next. Here’s how it works.

Portrait Support

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Personalized support, from start to finish

Starting with the application process, we'll help you find the right major, navigate financial aid and scholarships, design your academic path, seek out internships and other opportunities for hands-on experience, and guide you to graduation.

Portrait Skills

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Skills that take you further

There are certain skills that will help you stand out from the competition no matter the career you choose, like being able to creatively solve problems and critically analyze information. We call these skills the 8 Abilities, and we embed them in every single class you take here. These are the skills that will impress employers, and they’re also what help so many of our students land jobs before graduation.

Portrait Confidence

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Building confidence

As a women's college, our community is here to welcome you and empower you to achieve your full potential. That's why our graduates will say they found their voice here, or became more confident than ever. Here is where they realized all they were capable of, where they rose to meet challenges and where they found a home in our Alverno Strong sisterhood.


And it does work. Just ask Isabelle:

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"I chose Alverno because of its grading process, which uses narrative feedback instead of letter grades. I had never heard of something so different and this was the perfect choice for my learning style. Here, I'm not afraid to fail. I know that every single teacher wants the best for me and wants to see me succeed. I am never afraid to ask for help because every faculty member here is was open to helping me."

– Isabelle, kinesiology major


You’re at the start of an exciting time – a time in which you get to follow your own path. Here are some steps you can take right now that will help you move forward.

  • Talk to your family. 
  • Think about your passions.
  • Meet with your school counselor to help you make a list of schools that would be a good fit for you. Consider the following: Do the colleges you’re looking into offer the programs and resources you will need to achieve your goals? Do they offer the kind of atmosphere or campus life that you’re hoping to find?
  • Learn about everyday student life by checking out a college's website and social media pages. (We share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!)
  • Schedule a campus visit. We offer private tours and events throughout the year. If you can't visit, please get to know us better with a virtual tour
  • Ask questions! Our friendly Admissions team is standing by to answer your questions as well as provide opportunities for you to connect with our students and staff. 

What will YOU get ready for?

Get ready for a bright

Alverno College