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Applied Computing for Any Major

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Alverno College is offering a 2-course Certificate in Applied Computing in partnership with Google.
This program is available to all students in all major programs.
No prior programming experience required!

Pass both classes, as well as an introductory statistics course and you’re eligible to apply to a free, 10-week seminar in Machine Learning, held at several locations around the country, and taught by Google engineers alongside college faculty.

You will:

  • Develop skills positioning you for the machine learning workforce
  • Learn about the tech industry’s working environment
  • Gain experience solving critical real-world problems

Fall 2019
MT 268 Python Programming
Google Applied Computing 101
4 credits

This course introduces students to computer science using Python.

Skills emphasized:

  • Problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Design, implementation, testing, analysis of algorithms and programs
  • Formulating problems
  • Thinking creatively about solutions
  • Expressing solutions clearly

Prerequisites: none


 Spring 2020
MT 368 Think Like a Data Scientist
Google Applied Computing 201
4 credits

This course introduces students to making informed, data-based decisions with machine learning in combination with tools such as spreadsheets, SQL, and Python.

Skills emphasized:

  • Problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Usage of real-world datasets
  • Coding in SQL and Python
  • Application of Machine Learning algorithms
  • Presentation and discussion of datasets

Prerequisites: MT 268 or equivalent Intro to Computer Science



Program FAQs:

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