Core Courses

Part of the coursework is applying the knowledge you've gained.

By integrating the Education Abilities, our MA program is set apart from other MA degrees, because it gives you the tools of learning that you can apply ro a variety of educational and business settings. Our program has earned our graduates preferred placement in schools and businesses throughout Milwaukee and across the country.

The MA program can be completed in 2-3 years and includes the following core courses, as well as additional courses specific to your specialization.

Required Core Courses:

Education & Human Development I: Understanding the Learner
You will explore a wide variety of developmental approaches to learning, including the development of cognition, emotion and motivation as you apply to diverse learners.

Education & Human Development II: The Scholarship of Teaching
You will make links across current literature in education and instructional design by examining the design of learning environments that lead to learner growth.

The Learning Organization & Social Change
You will draw upon a range of disciplines and theories to examine organizational culture, including patterns of leadership, authority and communication and your impact on the climate of the organization.

Educational Inquiry: Research in Action
You will develop skills in conceptualizing researchable questions and in designing research projects appropriate for your own professional practice and specific setting.

You will engage in an inquiry process related to your work sites. Working with a community mentor, you will implement your proposed plan, and bring the results of your projects to a discussion of the larger frameworks of learning, development and social change. You present the findings of your inquiry in a conference setting.


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