Scholarship Information for New Students

Your college education is an investment in your future. At Alverno, we offer a variety of scholarship opportunities for first-year students as well as transfer students. 

We award merit-based scholarships to first-year, full-time students (those coming directory from high school) based on their academic achievements. Use your ACT or SAT score and your current high school GPA to determine your scholarship eligibility: 

  High School GPA      
 ACT or SAT  3.5-4.0  3.0-3.49  2.75-2.99  2.3-2.74
 29+ or 1330-1600  $18,000 - Vanguard  $18,000 - Vanguard  $18,000 - Vanguard  $18,000 - Vanguard
 25-28 or 1200-1320  $16,000 - Vanguard  $16,000 - Vanguard  $12,000 - Alexia  $10,000 - Founders
 20-24 or 1030-1190  $15,000 - Dean's  $14,000 - Dean's  $12,000 - Alexia  $10,000 - Founders
 17-19 or 920-1020  $14,000 - Dean's  $14,000 - Dean's  $12,000 - Alexia  $10,000 - Founders



In addition to these merit-based scholarships, Alverno offers first-year undergraduate students additional opportunities to receive scholarships:


Competitive Scholarships

ROOSEVELT: This scholarship recognizes a student coming direct from high school who has demonstrated excellence in leadership and volunteerism. The Roosevelt Scholar will receive a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Alverno. The application for the 2020-2021 school year is available here: Roosevelt Application. The deadline to submit applications was Friday, Dec. 6, 2019.

ACHIEVERS: Achievers Scholars receive a $2,000 renewable scholarship in addition to the merit-based scholarship awarded upon acceptance. Achievers also are admitted into the Doherty Scholars Learning Community, which recognizes students who have demonstrated academic excellence in high school. They join a community of peers and have access to additional resources and opportunities for academic growth and excellence. The deadline for the 2020-2021 academic year is Dec. 6, 2019. To apply, complete the free, online application.

WOMEN IN ACCOUNTING: Alverno's Women in Accounting Program recognizes a first-year student who plans to pursue an accounting degree as an undergraduate at Alverno College and plans to pursue her CPA license. One recipient will receive up to $25,000 a year towards their academic tuition each year for up to four years. To be considered eligible, please complete this free application. Deadline for the 2020-2021 academic year is Jan. 10, 2020.

NEW FUTURES S-STEM SCHOLARS PROGRAM:  The Alverno College Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Technology Division's New Futures S-STEM Scholars Program recognizes a first-year student who is committed to studies in mathematics or natural sciences, including biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, human biology, mathematics and molecular biology. Students selected for the program will be supported with scholarships up to $10,000 per year that may be renewed for up to five years. Application review begins Nov. 30, 2019 and will continue until all scholarship availability is filled. Earlier applicants may be given priority. To apply, complete the free application.

Non-Competitive Scholarships

MOSSA: Recipients of the Mossa Scholarship are non-residents of Wisconsin. The Mossa Scholarship is available to new, weekday students who are enrolled at least half time. Recipients of this scholarship receive a $2,000 scholarship and a $4,000 housing grant.

LEGACY: Recipients of the Legacy Scholarship are daughters, granddaughters, sisters or nieces of Alverno alumnae. The Legacy Scholarship is available to new, weekday students who are enrolled at least half time. Recipients are eligible to receive a $1,000 per year renewable scholarship. (This scholarship is effective for incoming Fall 2017 students and after).  

CLARE: The Clare Scholarship reinforces our commitment to students who understand the multitude of benefits and opportunities provided as a result of a high-caliber, Catholic education. Clare Scholars receive an additional $1,000 scholarship per year for up to 4 years (8 semesters) at Alverno in addition to their merit-based scholarship. Recipients are graduates of any Catholic high school and students with a grade point average of 2.8 or higher. 

RAISE ME: Alverno has partnered with RaiseMe to offer micro-scholarships that recognize your everyday achievements and allow you to start earning money for college beginning in 9th grade. You can earn up to $11,500 per year, which will be part of your Alverno financial aid award. You may receive even more in your financial aid package once we review your application, but the money you earn from Alverno on RaiseMe is the minimum guaranteed amount of financial aid you will receive from Alverno. Sign up today at

Transfer Scholarships SPRING 2020

At Alverno, we understand the value that transfer students bring to our community. In addition to our streamlined admissions process, we offer a network of support to help our transfer students accomplish their goals. We also offer merit-based scholarships:

    GPA Scholarship            AMOUNT 
    3.0-4.0 Dean's                          $11,000
    2.5-2.99 Founders                      $10,000
    2.3-2.49 Franciscan                    $9,000


PHI THETA KAPPA SCHOLARSHIP: This renewable $1,500 transfer scholarship is open to weekday undergraduate students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Eligible students receive $750 per semester.

MOSSA: Transfer students also are eligible to receive our Mossa Scholarship. Recipients of the Mossa are non-residents of Wisconsin who are enrolled at full-time status. Recipients of this scholarship receive a $2,000 scholarship and a $4,000 housing grant.