Links to Helpful Financial Aid Websites

General Financial Aid Related Websites

This website is maintained by the United States Department of Education and is designed specifically for students. Information on the site includes information on eligibility, the FAFSA application process, types of Federal Student Aid available, loan repayment and consolidation information, and much more.

This website is a comprehensive site about financial aid. Use the search feature to look up answers to questions you may have.

Loan Related Websites

Use this website to complete Entrance and Exit counseling, sign your Master Promissory Note, and complete the Parent PLUS loan process. It also has tools to manage and research repayment options, estimate monthly loan payments after you graduate and information about loan forgiveness, deferment and consolidation.

This is an important site to view Federal Stafford Loan information. All of your Federal loan and grant funding will be listed here so that you can calculate your total borrowing and see who your loan servicers are. Your loan servicer is the organization you make your payments to when you pay back your Federal Stafford loans. You may have more than one.

Scholarship Search Websites

Other scholarships can be found on our website. Our current scholarship list includes local, regional and national scholarships that we have come across that may not be on other scholarship search sites.

This website is a popular scholarship search site. Log-in to conduct a free scholarship search.

This website is a popular scholarship search site. Enter in all of your specific information and scholarship results will be tailored to you.