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DDP Research

Diagnostic Digital Portfolio

Research Overview:

A mixed research study on student and faculty use and perceptions of the DDP was conducted during the spring and fall semesters of 2005. The study included quantitative data from mining the DDP relational database and from Likert Scale survey questions. Qualitative data was collected from open ended survey questions and follow-up interviews.

A program evaluation methodology (Owen, J., & Rogers, P. 1999) was used in the study. The main form of program evaluation was the Interactive Form, a form that provides information about delivery or implementation of a program – supports programs which are constantly evolving/changing.


A three-pronged approach was used to gather data. This included: mining the DDP database, surveys of students (324) and faculty (93), and follow-up interviews (8 students and 6 faculty).

Seven sub-questions were researched. In addition, 4 sub-questions on the characteristics of key performances on the DDP were researched.

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