Student Affairs

Who We Are

Student Affairs educators are building a culture of student success by ENGAGING students in activities and EDUCATIONAL opportunities developed to SUPPORT and EMPOWER each student to reach her unique potential as an effective citizen and leader.

Located on the first floor of Founders Hall (aka Main Street), the Dean of Students Office (FO 119) serves as the central office for the entire division of Student Affairs. In addition to serving as a central information hub on campus, the staff in the Dean of Students Office support students, faculty, staff and the community by:

  • Communicating College policies and procedures, and ensuring a strong learning community in which civility is a minimum expectation and the student code of conduct is followed. Click here to review the most recent version of the Student Handbook.
  • Serving as allies for underrepresented students and catalyzing training and development to strengthen campus inclusion
  • Distributing information about college and Milwaukee resources
  • Providing problem solving advice and/or advocacy for students when appropriate
  • Assisting with student grievances, behavior or bias concerns, sexual assault, harassment, violence, and crisis situations
  • Coordinating New Student Orientation and Commencement Activities

The Dean of Students Office staff is comprised of:

  • Rachel Haos, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Brooke Wegner, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Jill Einwalter, Office Manager

The following Departments are also a part of the Student Affairs Division, each one playing a key role in our college students' co-curricular and out of class experience:

The Dean of Students Office staff also works with students in need of emergency funding for unexpected events. We offer a modest emergency loan program, in which students may borrow up to $200 and then repay the debt in cash or community service on campus. To make an appointment with a staff member, please call 414-382-6118 or email

Office Hours - Founders Hall, Room 119 (across from Inferno Cafe)
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.