In and Around Milwaukee

Every college needs a welcoming committee. Ours is the city of Milwaukee

Milwaukee is an exciting, safe and manageable urban city located along one of the most beautiful stretches of lakefront in the Midwest. Milwaukee is large enough to offer world class cultural, arts and sporting options, but also small enough to navigate and personal enough to make friends. Milwaukee is only one hour north of the city of Chicago. It’s the largest city in Wisconsin, and the 26th largest city in the United States, with a population of approximately 604,000.

Milwaukee is home to one of the best-ranked municipal parks systems in the nation, featuring hiking and biking trails, places to swim, golf courses, botanical gardens, wilderness areas and more. The lakefront is home to the world-famous Summerfest music festival, as well as a host of popular ethnic festivals celebrating diversity and difference. Major league baseball and NBA basketball teams, natural history and art museums, a ballet company, many live theaters, a symphony orchestra, and critically acclaimed restaurant offerings are just a few of the reasons why Milwaukee is such a great place to live.

Because of Milwaukee's northern location, residents can truly enjoy the beauty found in each of the four seasons - the cherry and apple blossoms of spring, the refreshing lake breezes of summer, the brilliant colors of fall, and the clean white snow of winter.