Parents & Families FAQ

Students holding up signs that spell "support"

General Questions

 My student is sick and missing classes. What should my student do?

 How do students work with academic advisors and when should they meet?

 What tutoring options are available to students?

 Can my student take classes over the summer?

 How can I find out if my student is successful in her classes?


 My student has an assigned academic advisor. Should my student also work with a career advisor?

 My student hasn’t picked a major yet. Can a career or academic advisor still help?

 Can the career center help my student find an internship?

 How can my student network and find career opportunities after graduation?


 When should my student fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form?

 How does my student explore grants and scholarships?

 We are preparing our tax return. How do we obtain the 1098T form?

Health and Safety

 What does Counseling and Health Services provide?

 How do I receive information in the event of an emergency?

 What are some safety tips I can share with my student?

 What are the benefits of joining a registered student organization?

 My student is having a hard time meeting new people. What advice do you have?

 How do I send my student mail?