Civility Project

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The Civility Project is a conversation that allows us to open ourselves to another perspective and widen the lens in which we process our views. It examines core questions in an effort to move us from tolerance to empathy.

In order to get to empathy, we invite:

  • A way to engage in deeper listening; allowing our whole self to be present to the moment
  • Allow ourselves to be engaged with those unlike us; and those we do not like;
  • Allow for a shift in our way of thinking from coercion to one of healing
  • To move from seeing every different point of view as right or wrong, but to another perspective which may expand our own
  • To ask with clarifying questions when we don’t understand rather than imposing our own judgment
  • To take people where they are at and empower ourselves to move to an uncomfortable place allowing our vulnerability to be present
  • To immerse ourselves in a different perspective for the long haul creating an opening for transformation
  • Willingness to engage in conversations we are unsure of
  • To become more fully aware of our values of honesty, trust, and courage


Take the Civility Project with you by printing out the Civility Project Brochure.