Community Day

The Civility Project and Community Day

Community Day is a day in the spring semester where all classes on campus are cancelled and students participate in service projects and interactive sessions focusing on local and global issues.

This year's Community Day is on Wednesday, April 9.

The Civility Project is sponsoring 2 projects during Community Day:

An Introduction to DIALOGUE

"We all know about prophetic speaking, but prophetic listening to others in such a way that we draw out of them the seeds of their own highest understanding...of their own vision, that they themselves may not have known were there. Listening can draw forth from people what speaking to them cannot."

      - Dr. Elise Boulding, New Call to Peacemaking Conference, Dartmouth College, 1981      

DIALOGUE, as created by Quantum Physicist, David Bohm, builds a state of personal power for all who capture its essence. The practice of Dialogue is empowering, not only for one who speaks, but also for those who are listening. Over time, Dialogue helps us reach deep insights and new thinking about ourselves, as well as others, moving beyond problem solving to cretae new and innovative possibilities never before considered.

This session will get us in touch with being civil with one another in an interactive, interesting and fun way.

Food Justice and the Ox Fam Hunger Banquet
Where will you sit at the table? Or, what table will you sit at? Come join us for this simulation of hunger in the world. Participants will randomly draw a ticket that determines their food selection. The selection are consistent with the world food distribution. Some will have plenty, others will have very little. The banquet will be preceded by a presentation on food justice delivered by Venice Williams, founder of Alice's Garden. Have you considered what enables all to have a seat at the table? Or, how you can become and advocate to promote an equal place for all at the table?

These will be some of the issues raised in a very profound and interactive way.


To read more about Community Day and to register, click here.