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Fall 2014 Amazing Faiths Project Dinner Dialogue

Enjoy a simple vegetarian meal and learn about the beliefs and faith traditions of others through exploration and dialogue. Participate in this Dinner Dialogue process, which helps participants to foster mutual respext and understanding.

November 6, 2014, 6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. in FO 148

All members of the Alverno Community wishing to particpate must register in advance.


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An Overview

The Amazing Faiths Project is a movement that brings together people from all religious traditions as well as those with no religious affiliation for fellowship and friendship. The cornerstone event of the Project is the Dinner Dialogue.

The Dinner Dialogues bring people together to learn about the beliefs and faith traditions of others through exploration and dialogue. These events foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, and enable all involved to stand as a witness for tolerance, respect, and understanding.

In this event, people gather in groups of 8-12 to share a meal and engage in a moderated discussion about the role of faith or spirituality in their lives. The Dinner Dialogues provide an opportunity for people of different faith traditions to meet, share their experiences, listen to the sharing of others, and converse about matters of faith and spirituality in a safe, controlled environment.

‌Moderators are trained to facilitate the conversation in a structured way that creates a safe space for all to share and listen. Guests use dialogue cards created exclusively for the Amazing Faiths Project, which contain through provoking questions about the broad themes present in nearly all faith traditions and worldviews.

Groups are created for maximum diversity. During the meal and conversation,

  • participants listen to each other as each person answers the questions on their dialogue cards.
  • guests are required to listen to each other without interrupting, questioning, or commenting on what is being said

During this structured part of the evening,

  • people speak only when it is their turn to speak.
  • guests simply listen to each other forgoing friendships and deeper connections. By the end of the evening, deep connections are forged and friendships have begun.
  • unstructured "free" time is provided at the end of the evening for more social and spontaneous sharing.

The Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogues is a national program sponsored locally by the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee and Alverno College.