Past Events Hosted by the Civility Project

Mind, Body, and Spirit Workshop Series

Practice yoga and explore your yamas (attitudes) within the context of yoga and begin to "clean the mirror" and "spread the light". This three part workshop series exercises your body, rejuvenates your mind and empowers your spirit in order to fully embrace spring and new beginings.

9/11 Remembrance

Each September, the Civility Project hosts a 9/11 remembrance service with a guest speaker. Students, faculty, staff, and community members come together to listen to the speaker's message and to remember those who died, their families, and the safety and security personnel who responded. In addition, attendees reflect on the ways in which 9/11 has changed the world we live in, and how they may better understand each other to become more connected and empathetic.

Amazing Faiths Dinners

The Amazing Faiths Project is a movement that brings together people from all religious traditions as well as those with no religious affiliation for fellowship and friendship. The cornerstone event of the Project is the Dinner Dialogue. The Dinner Dialogues bring people togehter to learn about the beliefs and faith traditions of other through exploration and dialogue. These events foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, and enable all involved to stand as a witness for tolerance, respect and understanding. To learn more, click here.

Community Day

Those who participated in the Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogues came together on Community Day in the spring of 2012 for a day of service and community fellowship at Repaireres of the Breach.

Her Stories

Her Stories is about storytelling. It is a way for women to connect with one another in a world that is quite disconnected. It is an opportunity for us to come together in a casual setting to listen to one another and share ourselves with one another. Maybe you want to just listen to one another, or maybe you want to share your story. Either way, Her Stories will invite us to engage with each other more deeply and help identify our common bonds. Previous topics for Her Stories included isolation and fear. Stay tuned for Her Stories dates for the spring semester.

Better Together

The Better Together Campaign is a movement of students who are transforming their campuses into places where everone can voice their religious/non-religious values, experiences and identities, engage others across lines of religious differences in meaningful conversation about those values, and act together on shared values to make positive impact on issues important to theri community.