Incident Report


Alverno College utilizes a written documentation protocol for all incidents that:

  • Occur on the Alverno Campus grounds
  • Within the campus neighborhood involving a response by the Department of Campus Safety or other college personnel
  • Or involve an Alverno College Student or Employee while representing the college while off the campus grounds

The types of incidents that are required to be documented through this program include:

  • Medical - both due to illness and injury
  • Accidents - even if no injury or property damage results
  • Assaults - Physical and/or Sexual
  • Harassment - Verbal, Physical, Sexual, or Stalking
  • Mental Health - any time that an individual is found to be a danger to themselves or others
  • Property Damage - Criminal or Incidental
  • Police or Fire Response
  • Thefts
  • Suspicious Activities
  • Drug or Alcohol Violations
  • College Policy Violations
  • Violations of Federal, State, or Local laws

Reports may be filed electronically at any time while on campus.