Programs Offered by Safety and Security


Alverno College a number of trainings and programs through the Department of Campus Safety year round. These trainings and programs are available by contactacting the department. The following is a list of the programs and trainings currently offered through the Department of Campus Safety:

Emergency Procedures Training

This training focuses on the policies and procedures for use during emergencies on campus and is offered for all new students and employees.

Women’s Self Defense

Training programs are available through the Department of Campus Safety in personal safety and protection and are a 1 credit course offered each semester. Programs have been provided through Residence Life to students in the Resident Halls. These programs are available to the college population.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

Trainings and programs in this area are provided in conjunction with the Counseling and Health Services Office and the Student Affairs Division.

Barometer of Behavior

This training is offered to all front line staff and is centered on recognizing the different levels of behavior from Calm to Hostile. Attendees are given a guide to recognize the levels and what the appropriate action may be.

Safety Escorts

Safety Escorts are offered on campus to anyone from the college community. These escorts can be between buildings or a building and a vehicle, and are offered any time of the day or night. Limited escorts to bus stops may be available based on staffing and bus stop location.

Emergency Procedures Drills

Federal law mandates certain drills be performed on campus, from fire drills to severe weather. In addition to these required drills, Alverno College also conducts External Campus Lockdown and Shelter in Place drills. Drills are performed at random times of the day and week, including nights and weekends when classes are in session.

Building Coordinator Training

Alverno College utilizes Building Coordinators throughout the campus to aid the Campus Safety Department, Plant Operations, and the Incident Response Team during emergency response incidents.

Operation ID

Is a program where an engraver, or indelible ink marker is used to label personally owned items with a unique number. This number and markings help police departments to identify the owners of stolen property. The Department of Campus Safety has forms and loanable engravers for use by the college community under this program. For more information please pick up a flyer on campus.

Drug Awareness

Training is provided through the Department of Campus Safety to Residence Life Professional staff and to the resident student Community Advisors on drug awareness in the Residence Hall enviornment.