Taking Appropriate Actions


Whenever you find yourself in a potentially unsafe situation, always follow your instincts. If you are attacked always defend yourself to the best of your ability. If and when you are presented with an escape route, run to a safe place where people are present and can get help for you. There are various safe places on or near the Alverno College campus. These locations include the Residence Halls, nearby restaurants or businesses.

 Using Non-Verbal Self-Defense Techniques


  • In any situation, you should be as assertive as possible.
  • Try to maintain eye contact with anyone who confronts you and do not allow yourself to be distracted.
  • Maintain the appearance of a confident physical and mental demeanor.
  • Attempt to always maintain a distance of at least six feet from strangers.

 Using verbal self defense


  • Never be afraid to tell someone that you need them to move out of your personal space.
  • When ever you feel it is necessary, yell and try to attract the attention of anyone nearby.
  • Shout loud and direct commands, such as “Get back!” or “Let me go!” to anyone attempting to restrain or harm you.

 Protecting yourself during robberies and assualts


  • If a robber or assailant says that they have a weapon, believe them and give them any items they are demanding.
  • You can throw an item in one direction while you try to run away the opposite way. Run to a safe place.
  • When running away, try to attract attention by yelling.
  • If the assailant targets your person instead of your property, remain calm and remember to breathe. Remember your pre-planned responses, do everything you can safely do to defend yourself and escape!