How to Avoid Appearing to be an Easy Target


Most people unknowingly do things every day that result in making them more vulnerable to criminals. You can make yourself less appealing target by taking some rather easy and simple actions.

  • Always maintain an alert awareness of your surroundings. Never allow yourself to become distracted while walking by using a cell phone or listening to music.
  • When possible only travel well lighted, busy streets and avoid walking through alleyways and secluded areas.
  • Listent to you gut and always trust your intuition. Watch for any warning signs, such as people who appear to be watching you or moving quickly towards you.
  • Never walk alone, especially at night. Ask for escorts when on campus or leave in groups with other students.
  • Only carry with you what you need anytime that you go out. Avoid taking large amounts of cash or multiple credit cards with you. Use backpacks to conceal laptops and other electronics.
  • Always strive to give an air of confidence, by being alert and in control of your surroundings. Avoid going out, driving, or walking home while intoxicated.

 Take Advantage of Safety Escorts


The Department of Campus Safety offers walking escorts on campus and to some nearby off-campus locations. Requests for escort can be made by:

  • Calling (414) 382-6000 (Ext. 0) or Ext. 0 from any campus phone when the campus is open
  • Call the Department of Campus Safety Emergency Line
  • Speak with a staff member at an open Information Desk
  • Make your request via a Blue Light Phone
  • Flag down a Campus Safety Officer

 Always be Cautious When at ATMs


  • For your personal safety and convinence, there is an "fee free" ATM located in the entry hallway to the Academic Computing Computer Center on the first floor of the Sr. Joel Read Center.
  • Outside of campus utilize cash machines in well lit and busy locations.
  • Pay attention to those behind you and around you before making a transaction. If they seem to be too interested in what you are doing walk away and do not use the machine.
  • Keep your personal identification number or PIN private, don't even tell a friend.
  • Never write your PIN on your card, on anything in your wallet or purse, or in your phone.
  • Make sure that you remove your card from the machine when your transaction is complete. When possible use machines that do not keep your card during the transaction.
  • Unfortunately, pressing 911 or any other series of numbers into the machine does NOT alert authorities to an emergency.